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Finding rare old books in Japan

While in Japan, I’ve started collecting old books, generally from the Meiji through early Showa periods.  This began when we moved into an empty house in Shinagawa-ku last September and needed to furnish it.  We found much of what we needed at a nearby weekend flea market that’s held at the local horse track.

Since then, I’ve been making regular trips to the flea market, where one can often come across various antiques, Edo period coins, old maps and books.  Since I’m most familiar with books, I’ve stuck to that realm so far.

Here’s some of what I’ve found thus far (click pics to enlarge).  Here’s also the link for flea markets in Tokyo.  Happy rummaging!

By the way, these books are outside of my area of specialization, so I’d love to hear additional input or corrections on any of these materials!